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Visual arts lesson 4 Today in art we drew up boxes naming shades and tone. Then we started to paint the boxes with colours like red, blue, yellow, and pink we added white and black paint to change the shades of the colours to make them different toned.
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Visual arts lesson 3 Today in art we did a fun activity where we discovered and drew different lines for example Angry lines, calm lines, liquid and random too.then we did a really funny activity where 4 students got up in front of the class and we had the task of drawing them in 30 seconds. First we drew Michael then Deborah with our opposite hand afterwards Adrian with a never ending draw and last Nicholas we drew without even looking at the page which turned out to be a mess.
Visual arts lesson 2 In visual arts at our 2 lesson ms Hatem checked our title pages that was homework for last lesson the really detailed ones got to get red stamps. After we wrote down some class rules that needed to be applied in ms Hatems classroom . Once we understood the main rules we went on learning about lines ,colour ,tone ,shape ,form ect we wrote their main meanings and went on to drawing lines free handed (which meant drawing without a ruler). then we dotted down some points about the lines we drew and what lines meant. over all it was a fun and interesting lesson with ms Hatem and 7-8
Visual Arts lesson 1 Today for out first lesson in art we had a teacher called miss Hatem, she was very kind and talented in drawings. We got handed out our new visual diaries and wrote our names big and bold on the back. Once we moved on we were introduced to our new topic elements of art , ms hatem taught us the tones shades and colours. for that day our homework was to create a colourful meaningful title page for our new books. It was a great start to my first ever visual art class.
Lesson 10 Today in art we learned about negative and positive space, for homework we had to draw a  image and make it look like it had been cut out and placed in a darker background. we dotted down some facts about the image and soon drew 4 boxes with the same image cut up into 4 and at the end when we finally drew it we had ur whole image. mine didn't turn out to good but i tried again at home at it worked better. 
Lesson 9 Today in art class with mrs coin. We first checked our homework from last lesson which was to colour our geometric artwork. Afterwards we went on too looking at one point perspectives. we watched two videos and and to copy exactly what the man did until we had two perfect perspective drawings. our first drawing was a room and our second was a city from diagonal view.
Lesson 8 Today in art lesson we had mrs o'brien ,we started our lesson with starting our new topic "shapes" we did a title page and wrote some facts about what we know and drew four simple shapes triangle, square, circle and pentagon. Afterwards we did geometric shapes and learned the difference between them. we drew a artwork using only geometric shapes.